This blog has been quiet for quite while.

That’s all going to change.

Starting now.

For the last few weeks I’ve been hard at work designing and printing some album packaging for The sound of the ladies (aka. Martin the sound man aka. Dr Martin Austwick)

it’s currently available as a pay what you want download here

The physical copies  are:

a lovely “standard” edition


an even lovelier “special” edition – Limited to 100 copies and featuring 10 interchangeable front covers – each representing one of the 10 songs on the album)

Both are made of dark navy blue card, with original illustrations and hand drawn text, screen printed by hand  in metallic gold ink

The physical copies will  be available from  the 11th of august (assuming the card we ordered a month ago arrives by then – seriously Atlantis art, what the hell?)

until then here’s a preview of what various unfinished bits of it look like….


new website!


my new website is…. well, not “finished” per se, but live, and it has a fully stocked shop, featuring everything I currently have for sale.

what are you wasting your time here for? get over to




My new website is currently under construction and should be here ( in the next week or so.

Apart from having more information, and looking nicer it will contain a proper shop where you’ll be able to buy everything I currently sell.

In the mean time, if you’ve seen something you want to buy at a market, craft fair, or on a friends wall which isn’t in my folksy shop, send me an email at  and I’ll make sure it’s available to buy within 24 hours.

Thanks, and please come back soon to check out the new site/mock me about my poor grasp of html

So as seems to be becoming  more and more the norm, and with a craft fair on sunday looming,  I’ve embarked on another weekend where I pretty much draw and print exclusively.
This is fast becoming the only way I can work efficiently, so yesterday and today I drew 9 new designs from the book where I write down/sketch the ideas I havent yet finalised (normally with such poor description that I have no idea what they are) and this evening I made up the first 3 screens and made my first print
there will be more pictures to follow (and soon a place for them in my shops) but for now, enjoy the little guy who lives in our bathroom

metallic gold acrylic ink on midnight blue paper (300 x 210mm at the moment, could do with a trim)

I havent forgotten about my post on why I love printing, it’ll be soon….

I promised myself I wouldn’t let my vitriol spill over onto this site, but it’s late, I cant sleep again, and I’m in quite a bit of pain, so here we are.

As you’ll undoubtably know if you’re reading this, I’ve recently opened shops on both Etsy and Folksy and this has exposed me to something I’m really hate, which I can no longer avoid: the idea that Giclee prints are in some way “printmaking”

What are Giclee prints?

They are prints made on inkjet printers, that’s it!

Giving it a french name wont make it any more legitimate, clicking OK/PRINT is not printmaking, true  printmaking is reliant on human participation, this is what makes it wonderful; every printer’s (the human kind) work  is unique. Unless you are moving the cartridge on your epson back and forth across the page with you bare hands,  it doesnt count, it’s not printmaking.

Dont get me wrong, I embrace and enjoy technology, and I’m not about to claim that I print everything I’ve written in Microsoft word on my Adana 8×5, but Giclee is no more “printmaking” than printing out a spreadsheet of office finances.

Moreover, I’m not  against Giclee printing, traditional printmaking is often expensive, and time-consuming, and  I’m glad that people who would otherwise have no way of distributing their work can do so though digital reproduction,(the fact that Giclee is cheap and in no way time-consuming will always result in things that should have never been printed finding their way into the world, but this is a side note).

Giclee is digital reproduction, and so for me has more in common with uploading a photo to your ipod that it does with etching, letterpress or screenprinting

I love printmaking; this is why Gliclee makes me angry.

my next post will just be about why I love printmaking.




I now have shops selling high quality, original, hand printed screenprints from limited editions of between 10 and 25 at


F O L K S Y . C O M


E T S Y . C O M (for people who prefer prices in dollars)


Everyone who cares whether or not I starve to death should go there and buy something.


tShirts ;)


A few weeks ago Ben Walker asked me if  could help him print some t shirts for his imminent excursion to New York, and on Sunday I did.

As well as buying us beer and sandwiches (and the slightly less helpful act of teaming up with Nick Gill to methodically sing their way through the entire beatles back catalogue, each time replacing the chorus with “Winkyface”) Ben documented the hell out of it. The fruits of which can bee seen here (in photos) and here (in video).




Mmmmmmmmmmmm, ink.



For some time now, Nick Gill and myself  have been printing the new Monroe Transfer album.

I’m not allowed to show you any pictures of what we’re printing, yet. In fact, I’m not even sure I’m allowed to tell you what it’s called, but soon I will. Soon there will be more pictures, and videos and tediously detailed information than you could possibly want. Soon.

Needless to say, it’s unconventional.

printing is serious

Commission for hand & eye letterpress

Phil over and hand & eye letterpress asked me to make him a linocut of jazz legend Duke Ellington, obviously I jumped at the chance; here are some pictures:





and finally, a crude test print