Creatures of the deep


So as seems to be becoming  more and more the norm, and with a craft fair on sunday looming,  I’ve embarked on another weekend where I pretty much draw and print exclusively.
This is fast becoming the only way I can work efficiently, so yesterday and today I drew 9 new designs from the book where I write down/sketch the ideas I havent yet finalised (normally with such poor description that I have no idea what they are) and this evening I made up the first 3 screens and made my first print
there will be more pictures to follow (and soon a place for them in my shops) but for now, enjoy the little guy who lives in our bathroom

metallic gold acrylic ink on midnight blue paper (300 x 210mm at the moment, could do with a trim)

I havent forgotten about my post on why I love printing, it’ll be soon….


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